Beach Animals

The creatures are born, they walk along the beach, they evolve and they are extinguished. Their life lasts only a year and most of them end up being converted into fossils.

I grew up in Den Haag near he beach. During summer this is a really crowded place but off-season the beach is empty. Then it can happen that you meet the Beach Animals. Large creatures walking all by themselves on the wet sand. Made out of simple electricity tube and tie wraps and still manage to look poetic.
The energy they need to walk is coming from stored wind in plastic bottles and with a very simple primary brain and sensors (remember we are still talking about electricity tubes and tie wraps here) they can make decisions about their destination so they can survive on the beach. They won’t walk into the sea or get stuck into the loose sand. On the coastline they collect the sand that washes ashore and move it to the dunes. It is their contribution to keep our coast intact.

With his rare logical insights and technical skills Theo Jansen is the inventor of a complete new evolution theory. His target is to create a new autonomous life form and I already have fallen in love with them.