Made in China

Inside the chaos there is often another unexplored world, offering new possibilities in sense making.

Seemingly innocent children toys act as a kind of space invaders emerging from a world hidden inside our childhood memories. Here they invade antique Chinese furniture, threatening their traditional past. These toys reveal a surreal and terrifying landscape of derailed trains, drowning babies, crashing planes and wild dinosaurs. They make me question my self-constructed environments, shake up my make-believe worlds and throw them off centre. Out of the confusion a far more powerful world develops, beyond the clarity of logic.

The work of Wokmedia is primarily concerned with the emotional experience, an archetypal memory or a physical sensation. Often they survey the state in-between: where structure emerges from chaos and confusion is beginning to make sense. Out of devastation and destruction they create a new world. A world imbedded in their childhood memories when emotions were not expected to be filtered, when make-believe was not equated with lunacy.