“NATUREALLY was originally designed for the entrance of a new hospital (size 450cm x 800cm) and is inspired by the idea of a ‘healing environment’. The underlying ‘goal’ of the artwork was to broaden the ‘mental space’ of the hospital’s patients and visitors. Considering the broad range of emotions the public goes through in a hospital environment, I started thinking how a work of art could play a positive role in our (emotional) state of being. I concluded that for instance ’to be wondered’ is one way of creating mental space and might release worrisome thoughts and emotions.

In NATUREALLY I have combined the use of coloured light with images of nature. I have created a transparent print and the change of colours of the led light introduces an element of transformation and time in the photographic print: due to the working of complementary colours between the Led and the transparant print, the print actually visually changes and discloses the different seasons hidden in the colours of the transparant print.

During my search for a theme in this work, I stumbled upon a 500- year-old oak tree. I then immediately knew this tree would play the leading part in this work of art. In the past centuries, ‘Kroezebomen’ had a special function in east and central Netherlands. They acted as judicial location, border marker and had a spiritual function. I wanted to transfer the magic and the special energy from this 500-year-old oak tree into the the artwork and hospital.”

Text Geert Mul 2016

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