Next stop Shanghai

Florentijn Hofman is not an average gallery-exhibited artist. The world is a playground and he likes to play. A giant rubber duck, too big to fit into anyone’s bath and impossible to ignore, floating in the Loire river in France, a 12 meter tall thatched musk rat reclining against a life-sized cottage and his latest: super sized stuffed animals. All integrating, intriguing and interactive installations. To amaze and make life more fun.

The street where I live used to be quite a boring street until Florentijn Hofman decided to do something about that. He applied a layer of only 2 micron of blue paint onto one of the most unseen blocks of houses in my street and it became Rotterdam’s most photographed one. His redecorating made people start looking again at what was and maybe even think about what they will get in return.

*The blue houses in my street are unfortunately demolished, my street is now boring again.